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Septree's Story
Established in 2014, Septree has been specializing in unique products and solution for dehydrator machines, dehydrator accessories, pet hair dryers etc. Through 8 years’ endeavor, we have been well approved in market, and grown into a comprehensive company devoting to R&D, design, manufacture, and brand marketing.

We focused on developing products that bring health and convenience to your home life. We believe that the true meaning of technology is to enable more people to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Our commitment to innovation has allowed us to create unique and high-quality dehydrators that enhance your everyday life.

Our food dehydrators are designed to preserve the nutrients and flavors of your favorite ingredients, such as beef, deer and turkey jerky, fruit leather, herbs, mushrooms and flowers. Most of them are made of food-grade stainless steel, from the home-use meat dehydrator to the 18-tray commercial dehydrator, all-around to satisfy the people who love to cook and help you with your food preservation. Also, each food dryer comes with a full set of dehydrating accessories.

Additionally, our pet hair dryer boxes provide a gentle and efficient way to dry your furry friends after a bath, ensuring their comfort and well-being.

At Septree, we take pride in our extensive research and development efforts, resulting in multiple patents that demonstrate our dedication to technological advancement. We understand the importance of safety and quality, which is why all of our products have undergone rigorous testing and have obtained certifications such as ETL, CE, FCC, FDA, LFGB, ROHS, and more.

Our ultimate goal is to bring health and convenience to your everyday life through our products. Whether you're a camper, a self-reliant person, a farmer, a mom, a person who loves to cook, Septree's dehydrator is recommended. Join us in experiencing the difference that Septree industrial food dehydrator can make in your home.

Why Choose Septree?
✔ Primum Products
To provide consumers with environmentally friendly, low energy consumption of dryer appliances products like food dehydrators and supporting products, commercial ovens, pet hair dryers, etc.

✔Strict Quality Inspection
We have strict Quality Inspection before shipping, ensuring all products meet a consistent quality standard and users' requirements.

✔ Optimized Shipping
Septree enjoys an Optimized procedure toward payment receiving, order confirmation and package sent. Averagely, shopping with us, your order will be shipped within 24 hours earlier than other sites. With this reliable and fast shipping time,Thus we are the best choice for your online shopping with the fastest delivery.

✔ Easy return policy
All products sells in Septree.com based on their excellent designs and reliable quality. We have technical quality check department settled, the products are strictly checked one by one in our warehouse before sending. For most items, you can send it back to us for a refund or item exchange within 30 days of receiving it. Return shipping reimbursement is not available for this.

✔ Quality & privacy guaranteed
We respect your personal privacy. The Privacy Policy is responsible for the operation of our online information management, and fully reflects our commitment to protecting your privacy.

✔ Responsive customer support
We have 24/7 Customer Service, please email us Septree-service@outlook.com if you have any question.


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