Our Brand Story

Our Brand Story

First Encounter with Food Dehydrator
In 2010, on a regular weekend in a small American town, Rock Xie was enjoying a joyful reunion with an old Chinese friend. Fresh from a camping trip, his friend excitedly introduced him to a product called a “Food Dehydrator.”

“Do you know?” his friend began, “This little device can dry fresh fruits, vegetables, or meats, preserving their natural taste and significantly extending their shelf life.”

Rock was immediately captivated by the idea of this device. He envisioned enjoying the tastes of summer in winter, and experiencing nature’s bounty even within the city.

Planting a Seed
From a young age, Rock Xie had a strong passion for technology and innovation. This conversation with his friend acted like a seed being planted. He started researching everything about food dehydrators: how they work, the various brands and models available, and customer reviews.

To his surprise, he found that while these devices were quite popular in Western countries, they were virtually unheard of in China. Rock saw tremendous market potential.

Research and Experimentation
Rock decided to delve deeply into this product. He bought several different brands and models of food dehydrators, rolled up his sleeves, and embarked on a unique ‘drying’ journey. He experimented with different types of food: fruits, vegetables, meats... even herbs and teas.

Through continuous experimentation, he came to understand how factors such as drying temperature, time, and the thickness of food slices affected the final product quality. He realized that to preserve the nutrients of the food while also maintaining delicious taste, the device required detailed and user-friendly design.

Facing Challenges
Despite Rock’s passion for this product, he encountered numerous difficulties during this phase. First, designing a dehydrator that was both efficient and capable of retaining the food's nutrients was a technical challenge. Moreover, transitioning the product from a niche tool for enthusiasts to a mainstream household appliance was another significant hurdle.

Resilience and Dedication
But Rock wasn't defeated by these challenges. On the contrary, he saw the opportunities they presented. He began to engage in dialogue with more engineers, nutritionists, and designers, exploring deeper possibilities for the product.

He was acutely aware that this was more than just a product; it represented a change in lifestyle, enabling people to live closer to nature and in a healthier way.

“A food dehydrator is not just a machine; it is a bridge connecting nature with people’s lives,” Rock Xie said.

This experience strengthened Rock’s resolve: he wanted to be an advocate for this healthier way of life.

“I want to bring this healthy, natural lifestyle to more people,” Rock declared. From that moment, he became not just a product developer but an advocate for a healthier way of living.

Initial Plans
Rock began discussing product design and marketing strategies with his team. They realized that launching this product successfully was not simply a technical issue. They needed to figure out how to help consumers understand and embrace this new method of food preservation and healthy living.

The First Prototype
After months of hard work, Rock and his team finally developed the first prototype of their food dehydrator. They personally tested, revised, and retested it, striving for perfection at every step. Every detail reflected their utmost commitment to quality and user experience.

Facing the Realities of the Market
However, when the product faced the market, Rock and his team encountered unprecedented difficulties. The market's acceptance of this novel product was far below their expectations. Consumers hesitated, retailers were skeptical, and the product faced immense pressure as it entered the market.

A Metamorphosis
At this critical juncture, Rock chose not to retreat. He believed in his vision and his team. They began to actively engage with consumers, diving deep into market needs, and continuously improving their product and adjusting their strategy.

The Fruits of Labor
After years of relentless effort and market refinement, Septree food dehydrators gradually found their way into more and more family kitchens. They not only changed how people preserve food but also altered people's understanding and pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

Standing in the company's R&D center, watching his bustling team, Rock feels immense satisfaction and pride. He knows that all the effort has been worth it.

“This is not just a machine; it is a tool that changes people’s lives. It represents a healthier, more natural way of living,” Rock describes his ‘child’.

Today, Septree has evolved from a startup into a leader in the industry. But Rock maintains the same passion and dedication that characterized its early days. He and his team continue to strive for higher technology and more impeccable products, offering people a healthier, more convenient, and comfortable life.

This is Septree. It started with a simple idea but is committed to making significant changes in the world.

The story continues.

Company Culture and Values
Septree nurtures a family-like atmosphere, with integrity, innovation, responsibility, and professionalism being the company's core values. Rock Xie often tells his team: “We are not just manufacturing products; we are creating a better life for people.” This belief permeates every corner of Septree.

Septree’s Corporate Culture and Employee Stories
The company regularly holds team-building events, emphasizing teamwork and mutual assistance. Each employee's growth is a vital part of Septree’s own development journey. For example, an engineer, Lily, has grown from a junior team member into a leading technical expert under Rock's mentorship.

Rock is acutely aware of the importance of nurturing a strong and committed team. He believes in the phrase: “A company is its people.”

The philosophy of Septree is to develop high-quality products that improve people's lives and health. This has been, and continues to be, the guiding principle behind Septree.