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6 Stainless Steel Trays Food Dehydrator Dryer Machine

6 Stainless Steel Trays Food Dehydrator Dryer Machine

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This 6-tray food dehydrator is a newly designed silver stainless steel with a rear fan that promotes even drying of food throughout the unit in less time. A unique oval viewing window allows you to monitor the dehydrating process. Built-in precision LED digital control panel for easy operation. And this food dehydrator exceptionally lightweight, making it friendly for first-time dehydrating users.

*Note: After dehydration begins, because the water in the food continues to evaporate and take away heat, the actual temperature inside the box will be about 20 degrees Fahrenheit lower than the set temperature. This is normal. When the moisture in the food becomes less and less, the temperature inside the box will gradually reach the set value. Please be informed before purchasing.


  • 【Small Footprint】This countertop dehydrator could easily be stored away in a cabinet. It has 6 trays roughly 12" perfect square, fits well on a countertop and doesn't take up too much space in a smaller kitchen, while still letting you prep a lot of food at once! This Food dryer is very retro looking, looks like a stylish tiny microwave. Great for a dorm, apartment, or small house because of the size.
  • 【Well Build】The whole interior of this food dehydrator is stainless steel, even the removable shelves (to accommodate thicker or thinner foods or flora). The six silver metal mesh trays are tightly woven, they are also a perfect square so it's easy to slide in and out. Easy to wash, and no plastic touching your food. Sturdy and durable.
  • 【Extremely User Friendly】The jerky dehydrator machine runs quietly. The horizontal airflow dries everything evenly and you can watch the process through the oval viewing window. The built in LED digital control panel, digital temperatures preset settings range from 68º F to 194º F (20-90℃), with a countdown timer up to 24 hours, provides accurate drying times and temperatures to make it super easy.
  • 【A Set-and-Forget Machine】The controls with a digital display are nice and much easier to use and more intuitive that take the guesswork out of dehydrating your treats. It automatically turns off after it reaches the time you have set, too! That means delicious, healthy snacks produced while you are at work, without having to worry about them.
  • 【Excellent Customer Service】This Septree dehydrator comes with 6 trays which is really nice as you can make a larger quantity at once. Also came with 2 mats, 2 containers and 2 set of silicone glove. a great food dehydrator for a beginner. Three years warranty after-sales and lifetime technical support. And If SEPTREE products have any problem, we promise to help you within 24hrs.


Brand: Septree

Material: Stainless Steel

Wattage: 500 watts

Product Dimensions: 10.5"D x 14.8"W x 9.4"H

Voltage: 110 Volts (AC)

Item Weight: 11.57 Pounds

Number of Trays: 6

Operating Frequency: 60 Hz

Temperature Range: 68-194 Degrees FahrenheitIs

Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Item Weight: 11.57 pounds

What's in the box

  • Septree Food Dehydrator (10.5"D x 14.8"W x 9.4"H)
  • 6 x Stainless Steel Drying Trays (9.84 inch)
  • 2 x Non-stick Silicone Sheets
  • 2 x Storage Container (3.2 x 4.7 inch)
  • 2 x Silicone Gloves
  • 1 x Drip Tray
  • 1 x Recipe Book
  • 1 x User Manual
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